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Sean Kearns – Athletic Director


Kirk Ballinger – Asst. Athletic Director
Secretary:  Linda Hindman
1500 Harding Highway East
Marion, Ohio 43302
Phone: 740 – 223-4635
Fax: 740 -223-4705
Office Hours: Mon – Friday 7-3

Prexy Play Scholarship Application

The Prexy Play Scholarship has been created to help cover the cost of the required participation fee.  This is a competitive scholarship based on student citizenship, academic performance, attendance and community service.  Each scholarship award will be applied to the current season only. Please be aware that the recipients may not be chosen until after the participation fee is due.  If this should occur, refunds will be made out to the original payer only.

***MCS Athletic Philosophy***

The Marion City School District believes that athletics are an integral part of our education system, aimed toward the development of the total personality of each individual participant. To achieve this goal we feel our student athletes must be made aware of their responsibilities as athletes and commit themselves to a set of rules and regulations. Participation in athletics, as well as any other extracurricular activity, is a privilege and must be realized as such. Therefore, our objective is to teach our student athletes the value of self-discipline, instill pride, unity, good sportsmanship, dedication and good morale, as well as protect the physical well-being of the participants.
     We expect the athletic program to serve as a focal point for school morale, spirit and loyalty, which will provide a common ground of enthusiasm which can be shared by the school and community. In general, the program should provide a setting for student athletes to have an outlet for youthful energies in a clean and wholesome manner, create a spirit of friendly rivalry, and promote goodwill among other schools and teams.